Confidence in our Holistic Service

Intuition is supremely confident with the service we offer. We pride ourselves on delivering a premium service to all our students. We strive to ensure that all our students attain maximum benefit from the time spent here.

One of the core Intuition principles is to always go beyond the call of duty in aiding our students. We achieve this by encouraging and providing extra tutorials, one on ones, extra classes and supervised study sessions.Based on 2015 data an average Intuition student receives at no extra cost;

  • 20 extra tutorials per year (30 hours);
  • 4 extra classes or one-on-one’s per year (8 hours);
  • 8 extra revision homeworks marked (4 hours);
  • 10 questions answered online through our “Ask a Tutor” function.

The above is in addition to the normal classes, tutorials, exams and homework. At Intuition we support and promote students getting extra help. Our course is all inclusive of any extra help you require in order to ensure you reach your HSC goals.

For more information on our point of difference check out our FAQs or get in contact with us.