Our Objectives

Intuition’s primary objective is to equip students of all abilities with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the HSC and achieve exceptional results.


You only have to look at our outstanding record to see the proof. We’ve helped students get UAIs of 100 and ATARs of 99.95. We’ve helped students top the state in subjects. And we’ve helped many more get accepted into their preferred degree.

All of our courses from Year 10 to 12 are thorough, well-structured and student-friendly. We believe in careful revision, preparation and always being one step ahead of our students’ schools.

But fundamental to our – and our students’ – success is Intuition’s unique learning environment. We have strict schedules and homework deadlines but we know how to make the experience less stressful. We expect the best of every single student but we teach them how to deliver.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on the commitment and ability of our teachers and tutors. Not only are they smart but they also know how to communicate. They know how to break down difficult concepts and ideas so that they’re easy to understand.

So, our students don’t memorise. They learn. And they have fun while they’re doing it.

At Intuition, we are a tutoring college trying to make a difference:

We care. We work hard. We get results.

Steven Diep Steven Diep Sydney Grammar School

Intuition was a very personally fulfilling experience for me – both academically and socially. The staff were very caring and helpful, especially in times of stress. The teachers and tutors had a good knowledge base and their excellent communication skills were vital in helping me understand complex ideas. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to maximise my marks and achieve my desired UAI.

Lakni Weerasinghe Lakni Weerasinghe Cherrybrook Technology High School

My Intuition experience was extremely enriching. Their comprehensive learning style builds upon understanding concept roots, enabling an enhanced appreciation of subject matter as opposed to basic textbook-knowledge. This in-depth understanding armed me with the skills to tackle the full spectrum of questions faced during the HSC. Furthermore, the ability to book additional tutorials and gain access to unlimited resources was invaluable when I found myself struggling with a concept, stressing before an exam or wanting to deepen my understanding. The staff are all incredibly approachable and knowledgeable. Not only do they foster a supportive learning environment but they actively go to lengths to ensure the best learning outcomes for all students are met. Intuition became my second home during the HSC and I am forever thankful for their genuine care and assistance!

Our Results

At Intuition, we don’t believe in providing an online list of ATAR marks.* We don’t think that this reflects fairly on the exceptional individual achievements of all of our students.


Every year, many of our students achieve ATARs in the high 99s. Some students top the state in subjects that we tutor them in while others go on to receive scholarships at UNSW, USYD and other Australian universities in Medicine, Law, Commerce and Science. While these results are no doubt remarkable, we are equally proud of our students who achieve their own personal academic goals. It might be making the HSC All-Rounders List, gaining entry into their preferred university degree or simply scoring a mark in Band 6 for Chemistry.

As a tutoring college, Intuition strongly believes our aim and responsibility should be to help each and every one of our students achieve their goals – whatever they may be. We want to help the student who is aiming for a perfect ATAR score of 99.95 as well as the student who is working as hard as they can just to get into university. If we can help all of our students fulfill their aims, then we can go home happy with the knowledge that we have made a difference.

* Intuition does keep hard copies of student results for statistical analysis as part of our yearly process of reviewing and improving the effectiveness of our courses. We can provide this information on consultation to prospective students and parents but always stress that these results, exceptional as they are, are a result of a combination of the students’ efforts, their respective school learning environments and Intuition’s guidance.