Exam Success Program

Our proven Exam Success Program (ESP) has helped over 6000 students prepare for their HSC and trials.

What is our ESP?

Designed specifically for HSC students, the Exam Success Program (ESP) is a series of ten mock-HSC exams.

It’s a unique opportunity for students to assess and perfect their exam technique and gain the confidence needed to excel in the HSC.

Your HSC Exam should feel like just another ESP!


  • Sit 5 or 10 HSC/Trial style exams
  • Choose to sit 5&5 (5 each from 2 subjects)
  • All exams marked
  • Metrics about your performance
  • Tutorials
  • Detailed exam review

A Proven Program for Students

1. Exam

We conduct the exam in our large specialised exam rooms under strict exam conditions.

2. Results

We mark the exams and provide student-specific feedback in accordance to NESA guidelines based on the syllabus.

3. Improve

Students gain access marks, analytics and go to either reviews and/or tutorials to improve.
We believe “practice makes perfect”
With repetition, students are best prepared for sitting their final HSC exams.

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